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CCH = COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD (cylinder head as below) with New or non-welded remanufactured head assembled with camshaft, lifters or rockers and rocker shafts (if applicable). No welds.
CHV = CYLINDER HEAD New or non-welded remanufactured head assembled with valves, guides, springs, retainers, keepers, and valve stem seals. No welds.

CH = CYLINDER HEAD New, bare head with seats & guides.

New or Non-welded Remanufactured - Purchased outright - No Core Charge
We offer added discounts to garages, parts houses, dealerships and machine shops.
We also offer valves, gasket sets and parts for these cylinder heads separately.

Call toll free to purchase at 1-866-700-5877 or to check stock and/or order, fill out the Order Form or e-mail to check part numbers and prices for valves, gasket sets and parts.
Most cylinder heads are remanufactured, not new, unless stated as new.

These prices are not current.

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Another section of cylinder heads below:

Misc. Domestic & Import New Cylinder Heads (except where noted)   = BMW, Chrysler, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Mazda, Nissan, Saab, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo


 Part #  Description Price $ Ea.
bare head 
175672  2.020/1.600 67cc/170 Straight Plug  333.33
 175679 1.940/1.500 67cc/170cc Straight Plug  333.33  
 175679L 1.940/1.500 67cc /170cc Straight Plug+ 333.33  
 175762 2.020/1.60 76cc /170cc Straight Plug 333.33  
 175769 1.940/1.500 76cc /170cc Straight Plug 333.33  
 906679 1.940/1.500 67cc  /175cc Vortec* 317.09  

+ Late-model intake face and 1/2" water hole
* 175cc intake runners, 3/4" reach plug

 Part #  Description Price $ Ea.
bare head 
190002A  2.020/1.600 64cc/190cc Angle Plug  453.79 
 190002S 2.020/1.600 64cc/190cc Straight Plug  453.79  
 190011 2.020/1.600 64cc/190cc VORTEC 491.34  
 190016 2.020/1.600 64cc/190cc LS6 545.34  
 210003A 2.020/1.600 64cc/210cc Angle Plug 453.79  
 210003S 2.020/1.600 64cc/210cc Straight Plug 453.79  



 Part #  Description  Guide I.D.  Intake Port
 Intake Port
 Exhaust Port
 Exhaust Port
 Price $ ea.
 CC220BA  2.02/1.60
64cc AP
 11/32"  1.23"  2.23"  1.35"  1.35"  449.39
 CC220BS   2.02/1.60
64cc SP
 11/32"  1.23"  2.23"  1.35"  1.35"  449.39
 CC220DA   2.02/1.60
72cc AP
 11/32"  1.23"  2.23"  1.35"  1.35"  449.39
 CC220DS   2.02/1.60
72cc SP
 11/32"  1.23"  2.23"  1.35"  1.35"  449.39

AP = angle plug
SP = straight plug