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We are distributors for: Manley & Ferrea high performance Engine Components & Stainless Valves
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Engine Pro Performance Products - Engine Pro Performance Products feature superior design engineering, and are
manufactured to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials.
Some parts are not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled motor vehicles.

Stainless Steel Valves
oOne Piece Forging
oFull Undercut Stems
oStainless Steel Alloy
oFully Machined
oHigh-Strength 21-4N
oSwirl-Polished For Improved Flow
oHard Chrome Plated Stems
oHard Wafer Tip
Tip Installed 8 Pack - Each
App. Type Head Stem Length Height OAL Part #
SB Chevy EXH 1.500 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-1000 $8.34 ea.
SB Chevy EXH 1.600 11/32" .250 Stock 4.920 01-1001 $8.34
SB Chevy EXH 1.600 11/32" .250 +.100 5.020 01-1001-100 $9.28
SB Chevy INT 1.940 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-1002 $8.57
SB Chevy INT 2.020 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-1003 $8.57
SB Chevy INT 2.020 11/32" .250 +.100 5.010 01-1003-100 $9.28
SB Chevy INT 2.055 11/32" .250 +.100 5.010 01-1007-100 $9.28


SB Chevy EXH 1.500 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-2000 $10.81
SB Chevy EXH 1.600 11/32" .250 Stock 4.920 01-2001 $10.81
SB Chevy EXH 1.600 11/32" .250 +.100 5.020 01-2001-100 $13.64
SB Chevy INT 1.940 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-2002 $13.17
SB Chevy INT 2.020 11/32" .250 Stock 4.910 01-2003 $13.17
SB Chevy INT 2.020 11/32" .250 +.100 5.010 01-2003-100 $13.64
SB Chevy INT 2.055 11/32" .250 +.100 5.010 01-2007-100 $13.64

These valves below are from SI Industries    

Click here for import cars and trucks - "Swirl Polished" Performance Series Stainless Valves

Click here for Import stock replacement valves

Click here for Motorcycle performance valves

Replacement Series Valves

These valves are made from stainless and steel materials that are suitable for all stock rebuilds and unleaded conversions. Low prices and top quality make these valves a great deal for standard use. Available for foreign, domestic and motorcycle applications.

Seat Saver Valves

is proud to introduce our newest series of valves. Seat Savers will save you time and money by allowing you to save work on seats by offering economically priced replacement valves in .030" oversized heads. All other specs on the valves are stock. This allows you to still use the valve guides of your choice.

Economical Portflow Series Stainless Valves/
Quicksilver Series Stainless Valves

These valves are stainless, one piece, chrome stem, hard tip, 21-4N EV8, ideal for both competition and street applications. They are similar in material and design to competition valves, but manufactured in large production runs for all of the most popular applications. Because of the fully automated (robotic) production, SEV-series valves are priced lower than racing models, yet feature the same premium quality stainless steel forgings, Chrome stems, stellite tips, and swirl-polishing. If you do not see a valve you need in the Competition or Silverline Series, use the Portflow, as they are suitable for these applications.
Quicksilvers feature increased undercut stems and thicker margins for increased flow and performance.

Black Knight Series Stainless Valves

"Black Knight" (code: BK) feature a special coating that serves two purposes. First, the coating is designed to provide improved heat transfer. This promotes better valve train life. Secondly, the coating has proven to combat the problems associated with unleaded gasoline. In short, the Black Knight is what street performance enthusiasts have been waiting for! Black Knight valves are made in limited production runs and special ordering may be required. Carbon build-up is almost non-existent. Many available with single groove (code SGB). Fully swirl polished with Stellite tips.

Competition Series Valves Stainless Valves

This model features and undercut stem in the head area. In addition to reducing the valve weight (which provides benefits in opening rate and RPM limits) the radius of the head is such that it significantly improves air/fuel flow. This model enjoys great success when used with stock heads, as well as modified versions. Fully swirl polished. Chromed stems and Stellite tips.
Ideal for tough racing applications of all kinds. Now available for imports.

Silverline Series Stainless Valves

We are pleased to now offer upward extension of our existing product line with the addition of "The Silver Line". These premium quality racing valves are the perfect compliment to our current stock, street performance and competition valves. These new "Silver Line" valves compare favorably with top-of-the-line models from the competition in both appearance and performance. So there's no need to go anywhere else. Ideal for the most extreme racing conditions. Applications for aftermarket heads start at .050 longer. These are fully swirl polished. Chromed stems and Stellite tips. 21-4N EV8. Special thick margins and modified radius, make Silverlines the lightest and best flowing valves. Silverlines are available in hundreds of sizes for all types of serious race heads. You save money and get the best at the same time.
Compare the Silverline Series to anybody's best valve.

Inconel Valves

These valves are for High Temperature Applications/Turbo Motors/Nitrous Motors


Click on the type of engine make you have, to price the valves you wish to order. We can ship world wide for these valves.
Call toll free to order at 1-866-700-5877 or e-mail or use the Order Form for questions and to check stock.

     Click here for Import cars and trucks - "Swirl Polished" Performance Series Stainless Steel Valves

Click here for Import stock replacement valves & some stainless valves

Click here for motorcycle valves

American Motors       Briggs & Stratton       Chevrolet

We have different types of valves for all makes listed above and below. Arrow down for each type of valves.

Audi     BMW      Buick     Cadillac          Chrysler

Continental     Dodge Truck     Ferrari     Ford     Harley Davidson Motorcycle     Honda/Acura

Honda Motorcycle     Indian Motorcycle     International Harvester     Isuzu     Jaguar     Jeep

Kawasaki Motorcycle     Mazda     Mercedes Benz     MG/Austin     Mitsubishi (Hyundai)     Nissan

Oldsmobile     Pontiac     Porsche     Renault      Rotax Motorcycle     Saturn     Subaru     Suzuki-Geo

Toyota (Lexus)     Triumph     Volkswagen     Volvo     Yamaha

Click below where it says, click here, to go to the type of valves you need for domestic engines. On the next page, click on the make of engine you have to view part numbers and prices.

SI Domestic & Domestic Import Valves
The Prices listed are not currect but within one dollar or so in most cases.

Most replacement valves available in +.003 or +.015 oversized stems
Many replacement intake valves are available in stainless steel exhaust material
Black nitrite coating is available on many part number
 Import stainless click here (Nissan, Toyota, etc.)
Import stock replacement click here (Nissan, Toyota, etc.)

VALVE SERIES                                  APPLICATIONS - Domestic & Domestic Import Valves
"Replacement" Street & OEM applications. Click here
"Seat Saver" Street & OEM popular street & OEM applications. .030" oversized heads Click here
"Black Knight" Excellent upgrade for most street & OEM applications. Click here
"Portflow" Stainless Steel, swirl polished - Designed for both competition and hi-performance street applications. Click here
"Competition" Stainless - Undercut stem design suitable for racing applications. Click here
"Claimer" Ideal for popular street and low cost race applications. Click here
"Silver Line" Premium Racing Valves for Serious racing applications with excellent coverage for most of the aftermarket racing heads. Compare our "Silver Line" Series to the best any other manufacturer offers. Click here
"Silver Line Inconel" These very durable valves are recommended where exhaust temperatures (EGT's) are expected in turbo, supercharged and/or nitrous applications. Click here
"Silver Line Titanium" This series is recommended when valve weight reduction is required. For high RPM race engines. Click here

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