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Oldsmobile Master Engine Rebuild kits and Oldsmobile engine rebuild kit with quality parts at affordable prices from RPM.

Kits are listed by size of engine below.

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Click on approx. size of engine, then arrow down to your engine and year to see prices.

All engine rebuild kits are offered with standard size or oversized pistons and std. size or oversize main & rod bearings and the cost of the kit is the same price.

Also see Crankshaft Kits for Oldsmobile and other domestic and import crankshaft kits with bearings.

Parts included in these master engine rebuild kits (MK) are:
Pistons, wrist pins, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers (if applicable), jack shaft bearings (if applicable), cam bearings (if applicable), camshaft(s), lifters (if applicable), freeze plugs, gasket set, complete timing kit, and oil pump. (Most kits are complete, call for parts in the kit). Some kits do not include camshaft, lifters or complete timing kit (just the timing belt).
You can also purchase re-ring kits, crankshaft kits, cam kits, engine rebuild kits, rod and main bearing kits, or a master kit-delete pistons or individual parts.
(MK = master engine rebuild kit is a master engine rebuild kit). (EK = engine rebuild kit, is a master engine rebuild kit less: camshaft, lifters and timing set).
No kit includes connecting rods or crankshaft.

4-Cylinder      6-Cylinder      8-Cylinder

Oldsmobile 4-Cylinder Master Engine Rebuild Kits

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Oldsmobile 6-Cylinder Master Engine Rebuild Kits

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Oldsmobile V-8 Master Engine Rebuild Kits

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*There were a number of changes from 1964-67 Oldsmobile
Engines that can complicate obtaining the correct camshaft
and lifters, due to differing lifter bank angles and lifter
diameters. The 45 and 39 degree lifter bank angle camshafts
will physically interchange, but the improper application will
cause incorrect valve timing from bank to bank. To be certain
that you have the proper camshaft in your block, check the
timing on each bank of the engine. A cranking compression
test will also be an indication, especially if one side varies
consistently from the other.
All of these engines have inline lifter bores and are equipped
with 1.6:1 ratio non-adjustable rocker arms.
1966-67 400 cu. in. and 425 cu. in. Toronado engines had
.921" diameter lifters, while the others had .842" diameter
hydraulic lifters. The .921" lifters can be difficult to obtain,
and many folks will sleeve their lifter bores so that the .842"
lifters can be used.

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