SI Suzuki Performance Silverline Series
Stainless Steel Valves

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SI Suzuki Motorcycles Valves


We are pleased to now offer an upward extension of our existing product line with the addition of “The Silver Line.” These premium quality racing valves are the perfect compliment to our current stock, street performance and competition valves. Thesenew “Silver Line” valves to compare favorably with top-of-the-line models from our competitors in both appearance and performance. So there’s no need to go anywhere else. Ideal for the most extreme racing conditions. Applications for aftermarket heads start at .050 longer. These are fully swirl polished. Chromed stems and Stellite tips. Special thick margins and modified radius make Silver Lines our lightest and best flowing valves. Silver Lines are available in hundreds of sizes for all types of serious race heads. You save money and get the best at the the same time.
Compare our Silver Line Series to anybody’s best valve.

ea. $ 
GS 1100   
28.50mm 86.52mm 5.50mm 4.10mm IN SL-30 17.90 
31.00mm 86.52mm 5.50mm 4.10mm IN SL-31 16.28 
32.00mm 86.52mm 5.50mm 4.10mm IN SL-32 17.90 
29.50mm 86.52mm 5.50mm 4.10mm IN SL-33 17.90 
24.00mm 85.90mm 5.50mm 4.10mm EX SL-37 17.90 
26.00mm 85.90mm 5.50mm 4.10mm EX SL-38 17.90 
27.00mm 85.90mm 5.50mm 4.10mm EX SL-39 17.90 
29.00mm 85.90mm 5.50mm 4.10mm EX SL-41 17.90 
GSXR 1989  
30.00mm 85.9mm 5.00mm 2.80mm IN SL-35 17.90 
31.00mm 85.9mm 5.00mm 2.80mm IN SL-34 17.90 
26.00mm 85.3mm 5.00mm 2.80mm EX SL-40 17.90 
27.00mm 85.3mm 5.00mm 2.80mm EX SL-42 17.90 
28.70mm IN 89.75mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-170 16.66 
25.00mm EX 89.80mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-175 16.66 
29.00mm IN 96.10mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-181 17.90 
30.00mm IN 87.00mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-36 17.44 
26.00mm EX 87.20mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-43 17.44 
31.00mm IN 87.90mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-44 N/A
31.50mm IN 87.90mm 5.00mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-45 17.90 
27.00mm EX 94.40mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-80 17.90 
28.00mm EX 94.40mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-81 17.90 
23.00mm EX 96.76mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-82 17.90 
25.00mm EX 96.43mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-83 17.90 
24.00mm EX 96.76mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-84 Disc. 
27.00mm IN 96.50mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-85 17.90 
30.00mm IN 96.10mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-86 17.90 
28.00mm IN 96.50mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-87 17.90 
31.00mm IN 94.75mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-88 17.90 
32.00mm IN 94.75mm 4.50mm 1.80mm GSXR SL-89 17.90 


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